TTPDX Members:

Your Board has developed the following position in response to the evolving government guidance regarding activities during the pandemic. Due to the unknown and unknowable progress of the pandemic, these guidelines will stay in place until further notice.

As we know, the State of Oregon has recently exited the two week “Freeze” into a period of unknown duration where we will operate under a slightly less stringent set of “Extreme Risk” parameters.

While the Governor’s “Extreme Risk” guidelines would seem to permit outdoor group training gatherings of up to fifty (50) people, your Board believes that given the current situation, and in the interests of community responsibility and the health and safety of its members, a much tighter set of conditions is appropriate. This is particularly important because we are a social team, and following the guidelines for outdoor social gatherings seems advisable.

With that in mind, we are proposing a cap of six (6) on outdoor events and then only with your further agreement to follow all team safety protocols as recommended by the OHA and CDC:

  • Please stay at home if you have any Covid symptoms
  • No social gatherings (coffee/lunch) before or after events
  • Wear masks while gathering before and/or after events
  • Observe spacing – minimum 6′ person-to-person at all times
  • Consider wearing a mask during exercise
  • Be aware of where you place yourself behind other athletes
  • Plan routes to maintain minimum spacing between athletes

Finally, we ask that you carefully consider your own individual risk profile prior to attending team outdoor events. While following these protocols will minimize risk of Covid transmission between training partners, ANY contact between people, particularly people outside your close family, carries some element of risk.