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TRI Team PDX Is Calling....We Want You To Join!

Are you interested in doing a triathlon, but perhaps a little shy about immersing yourself in a brand new and intimidating environment? Let us let you in on a little secret:

This is actually not a new environment for you. You learned to ride a bike as a kid, right? And run on the playground? And you probably took swimming lessons, too? Awesome, then you’ve already got all the basic skills you need to do a triathlon. In fact, a triathlon course is actually just a really rad big-kid playground.

So… wanna simplify life with us, and come play? Pleeeeease?

Sweet! Now that we hooked ya, take a look at our beginner series overview, which we offer each year! Our 2019 Beginner Series has wrapped up, but the description of our 2019 series below will give you a good idea of what our 2020 Series will entail!

Tri Team PDX 2019 Beginner Series by USAT certified coach Josh Sutton.

What is it? A 12 week training series starting March 11th and gearing you up for the Blue Lake Sprint Triathlon on June 2nd.

What does it cost? $169 for TTPDX members, and $249 for non-members, with membership included in the latter’s price.

What’s included in the series?

– a 12 week training program designed by Coach Josh, emailed out weekly

– access to Coach Josh in person and via email for questions and guidance along the way

– a 12 week coached swim series on Tuesday nights, 7 pm at Parkrose Pool

– Wednesday night track sessions with Coach Josh at 6 pm

– 3 clinics teaching essential triathlon skills (open water swimming, transition, and cycling, including flat tire changing)

– 50% off 12 weeks of Monday night strength classes at Evolution Healthcare and Fitness

– weekend rides and runs with the team

– group camaraderie

– mentor support from experienced TTPDX athletes

It’s gonna be a blast, and it might just change your life.

Sign up at the team store below, and contact if you have any questions. 

We can’t wait to watch you cross the finish line on June 2nd!