About Us

TRI Team PDX is a Portland, Oregon based triathlon group created to bring fellow multi-sport athletes together to train and race. We are focused on building a structured beginners series for those new to the sport, as well as consistent group workouts that triathletes of all abilities can benefit from.  We also pride ourselves on providing incredible race support, amazing partners and discounts, and an abundance of social activities.

Coaches and Staff

Molly Balfe - Team Coach

Molly moved to Portland by way of Brooklyn in the Fall of 2012 has fallen head over heels with the community we are building within this team. Her resume includes coaching tenures with CBCG, Asphalt Green, Jack Rabbit, and Team in Training in New York and Portland as both head coach and head swim coach as well as coaching and swim lessons for NYC public schools.

Elsa Hume - President and Social Chair

Elsa joined Tri Team PDX in 2015 and has been grateful for its community ever since. She raced her first two triathlons as a wee moppet in 1994 and 1995 before taking a 20 year break to pursue other sports. It was 2014 when an ol' Craigslist roomie turned friend (and teammate) suggested Elsa join her for a triathlon in Cottage Grove, so Elsa did—with a vintage green single speed in tow. It was a slow ride! Thankfully, she's upped her game a touch since then, with much help from many generous friends and fellow teammates. In fact, some of Elsa's favorite moments are seeing her buddies on course during races. It abates the pain briefly. Kidding!!! She loves every second! 😉

Erin Holmes - Member At Large

In 2011 Erin moved from Missoula, Montana to Oregon. Having done her first Sprint triathlon in Montana, her interest had been piqued and not only was she was interested in growing as a triathlete, but also in learning more about the sport and the amazing community that surrounds it. In 2012, Erin joined Tri Team PDX and has enjoyed every moment. She has participated as a member in various team races and has enjoyed representing the team in other endeavors, whether it be racing marathons or taking vacations. Her growth as a triathlete has been challenging but immensely rewarding and culminated in her first Ironman in summer of 2017. Now she feels that it is time to give back to the community that has supported her – cheering her, encouraging her, and telling her ‘you can do it’!

Sebastian Pastore - Treasurer

I got my start in triathlon as so many people do, through Team in Training in 2013. My first triathlon was the San Diego Classic Olympic. I joined Tri Team PDX around then and completed a string of shorter triathlons and road races before completing by first Ironman distance in 2016. That evolved into working with a coach and completing my second Ironman in 2017, 90 minutes faster than the previous year. I have been doing this for five years and I have learned a lot about everything having to do with triathlons except how to run fast. But I'm really really good at changing tires, after having had to change six (6) in one race in 2015. My next planned races are 2019 Victoria 70.3 and the inaugural Ironman Cork Ireland in June 2019.

Nicole Ferriter - Secretary

Nicole grew up in California, but in the summer of 2010, moved to the colder mountains of Bozeman, MT to play volleyball for the Montana State Bobcats. After her collegiate career wrapped up, she needed a new sport to be overly competitive with, and a friend signed her up for her first Olympic triathlon, unbeknownst to her at the time. After completing her first Olympic distance tri (during which she missed a turn and ran half a mile in the wrong direction), she was hooked! She moved to Portland in the spring of 2017 and joined Tri Team PDX in 2018. With the support of the TTPDX community, she completed her first half-ironman this past summer and will look to improve on that in 2019! Nicole enjoys racing, but more so the free beer at the finish line.


Ann Hill - Vice President

About 8 years ago, Ann realized that she was a type 2 diabetic, and to help manage that, knew she needed to exercise on a daily basis. In 2015, she took up triathlon with the notion that if an injury was preventing her from doing one activity, she should still be able to do the other 2. She could barely swim (ask anyone!), running was a joke, and she only got through her first team ride due to the kindness of strangers i.e. TTPDX team members. In her first race (Blue Lake Try a Tri), she came first in her age group. Training with TTPDX was an absolute blast, and for the last year, she has been training with the magnificent Molly Balfe as my her trainer. Her goal for this year is to run her first marathon in a time that will qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2020. She loves this sport with a passion: it has transformed her life in so many ways, and she's actually grateful to diabetes for getting her into it!

John Hill - Member At Large

John moved to Portland in 2003 in pursuit of both an urban lifestyle and to play outdoors in the great Pacific NW. He had enjoyed running and road races for decades and then added cycling to his passions while living here, having done three Cycle Oregon tours. PTSD at just the smell of chlorine from three sets of failed swim lessons as a child had kept John far away from the pool if he could help it, yet he grew up enjoying the lakes around Michigan. He decided to get over his fear of swimming and embrace his love of running and cycling (plus a girl might have been involved) by signing up for his first triathlon in 2010. It was awesome and he was hooked. John joined TTPDX at the end of 2012 looking for a supportive community and a training plan to get him to his first Ironman after a less than stellar first 70.3 race. Well, he found those things and so much more.

Christine Schwaeber- Member At Large

Christine is a duathlete that joined Tri Team PDX in the summer of 2017. She was on a long solo training ride to Multnomah Falls, and serendipitously happened upon a chatty group of Tri Team PDXers at the top of Crown Point. Tri Team PDX invited her to join a team ride the following weekend, which she did, and from that moment forward she knew she had found the community she had longed for. Putting in the long hours necessary for multisport endurance training can be lonely, so having friends to train and race with, has been an immensely rewarding and inspiring experience for her.