Gear Up Podcast: High-Tech Goggles

This week on Gear Up

This week the Gear Up podcast crew at Triathlete magazine talks to Peter Monahan, the founder and CEO of OnCourse goggles, about how his clever invention can help you swim straighter and faster through the use of some pretty high-tech concepts.

Peter shares with us a harrowing tale about how he first got involved in watersports and water safety tech to help create a device that was intended to save children from drowning, based on his own son’s near-fatal accident.

Also get an inside look into some very unconventional uses of the technology he originally developed to help you swim in a straight line—how the same tech could help triathletes with a common swim technique issue. And we get a sneak peak into how he might use his unique technology in the future to make you fast outside of the water as well.

Board Elections

Candidate Statements

Jillian Paxton

I am honored that someone has nominated me as a candidate for the President. I will bring the same level of positivity, determination, and encouragement that I bring to every event that I have participated in. My hope is to continue to bring the same level of inclusivity that TTPDX showed me when I started. I will listen to our team’s needs and encourage the board to work as one team to meet them.

Sebastian Pastore

Esteemed team members: I have nominated myself for a second term on the Board mainly because I believe the initiatives I was part of on the Board over the past two years have been instrumental in refreshing the team’s membership and financial base, resulting in a stronger and more diverse team that is in a much more financially secure position. As a Board we have also been able to make substantial progress cleaning up lingering administrative issues such as legacy banking relationships, state filings, and (pending) our federal tax filings.

I would simply like to continue that work in the spirit of promotion of the team and sport.

Nicole Ferriter

Hi TTPDX, My name is Nicole Ferriter (also Nicole Baker, also Nicole Baker-Ferriter because changing your last name after you get married is such a hassle!) I’ve been on Tri Team for about 3 years now and have served on the board for two years. I’m running for re-election for a member at large position because I want to continue giving back to this community that has been so welcoming and giving to me! My background is in marketing and advertising, and I would love to use this skill set to continue to grow and maintain the tight-knit TTPDX community we have built, along with facilitating relationships with our team partners and organizations. While triathlon is a solo sport, our community at TTPDX is what makes training and racing so much fun and I would be honored to continue on the board again in 2021!

Abbie Peterman

I have eleven seasons of experience encouraging people in endurance sports, as a long time volunteer with Team In Training. I am a skilled writer and work well with others. I want to make people feel they belong to Tri Team PDX the same way people made me feel completing my virtual sprint Aquathon last week. Especially during Covid, it is so important for people to feel they are part of a community, set and reach goals, and get some endorphins in the process.

Jamie Rogers Rodas

I’m Jamie Rogers Rodas and I’m asking to earn an opportunity to be a part of the TTPDX board and the reason why I’m doing this are several. I’m honored to be nominated and I will share with you my excitement and humble approach to not only being part of this amazing organization but some goals and qualities about myself so you can make the appropriate choice.

I’m a triathlete, I absolutely love the sport of triathlon and I love being part of this team. I started running in 2002 and started doing sprint triathlons in 2008; I have overcome my huge fear of open water and became an Ironman in November 2019 completing Ironman Arizona.
I’m encouraging, dedicated, organized, and imperfect. I’m part of this team to continue learning about this sport, bettering myself, building community and encourage others as we all work together towards our goals. I appreciate the incredible camaraderie, the inclusivity of this team, and working towards a Tri Team that will actively engage our beautiful communities of color, LGBTQ+, and everyone; no matter our color, religion, background, we ALL bring value.

I love people, I love being positive and bringing our team together in small ways and in bigger ways such as joining the Equity Team. I’m here to listen to everyone and be an advocate for our teammates; TriTeamPDX is innovative and I’m excited to help drive towards our continued success. I’m here to be part of the issues that might come up within our team and bringing in voices from the team to make sure everyone is heard and making the best choices for the entire team and community. I look forward to meeting more and more members of our team and remembering that we are all human, we are all in this thing called life together and with communication, respect, listening, and empathy, we can do so much together.

Suja Shyam

I’m Suja Shyam and have been a member of TriteamPDX for just one year. I love the community this team is building and have been so grateful for group activities during COVID. As a lifelong athlete, I focused on running in my teens and 20s. I love many sports, including mountain biking, mountaineering, and white water kayaking, though I tried triathlon for the first time just in 2019.

What I loved most about triathlon was getting together with fellow athletes for group rides and workouts. I’m interested in being on the board because I’d love to give back to this community and to help cultivate our group.

I come from a background of working in teams and as a solopreneur have a broadbase of skills. I would be excited to offer my efforts and skills to support the group.

I live with my partner, Ben, in NE Portland and outside of adventures and triathlon, I love yoga, spending time with friends and family, and organizing community events.

Karen Mularski

I first dipped my toes into triathlon for the first time about 3 years ago and more seriously so in the fall of 2019, doing solo training and following training plans found online, learning through trial and error and via podcasts and blogs. I have been a member of TTPDX coming on about one year. And wow, what a year! I was delighted to join running series, group bike rides, and swim series which made training both more productive, and orders of magnitudes more fun. This group of kind, welcoming, and inclusive (and talented!) athletes is something special. I would be honored to give something back to a group who I feel have truly made this past year not only survivable, but full of laughter, joy, and growth. My vision for TTPDX is to continue to grow our membership to include athletes of every age, background, and ability; to continue to provide accessible, frequent, and varied group workouts and training opportunities; and to explore the possibilities of service to the community-at-large, as athletes.

Hello TRI Team!

It’s the time of year to elect the TTPDX Board for 2021! We have 4 current board members who have completed 1 year of service on the board and are excited to continue into 2021 (Nic Surgnier, Adam Peterson, Emily Lighthipe & Shelly Caldwell). Terms are generally a minimum one-year with the option of renewing for a second year without standing for election. We have 2 board members re-running for a minimum of one year (Sebastian Pastore & Nicole Ferriter). We are seeking a new President and at least 2 additional at-large members, with the potential of adding an additional at-large member if there is enough interest bringing the board to at least 9, and potentially 10.

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Remy Maguire

Remy prides herself on creating a very positive experience for every client. She knows that training for any Swim, Bike, Run event is not a ‘one size fits all’ process. Taking the time to get to know each client individually. Learning each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses to build a bespoke plan from specialist training principals learned over the past decade from the high-level fitness industry. Read more “Remy Maguire”

Molly Balfe

Molly moved to Portland by way of Brooklyn in the Fall of 2012 has fallen head over heels with the community we are building within this team. Her resume includes coaching tenures with CBCG, Asphalt Green, Jack Rabbit, and Team in Training in New York and Portland as both head coach and head swim coach as well as coaching and swim lessons for NYC public schools.

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