We are so grateful for all the amazing partners who support our club! These are a few of the wonderful businesses that provide discounts to TRI Team PDX members and help keep us geared up throughout the triathlon season.

Foot Traffic

TRI Team PDX highly encourages all members to shop locally for your footwear and running gear. Foot Traffic is not only locally founded and owned, they host weekly group runs out of each of their FIVE locations, offer specialty running and training clinics, and have some of the best staff and selection in town. TRI Team PDX gets 10% off all purchases. Walk out knowing your are supporting the local endurance community and doing your body a favor in the process!

Wider Brothers Logo

Widmer Brothers Brewing

There’s never a shortage of beer and cider at our team events thanks to Widmer Brothers! They are incredibly generous in donating their locally crafted brews for our social gatherings and race weekends. Why so? ‘Cause they love supporting organizations that foster community-enrichment, and that’s just what we do at Tri Team PDX! Come hang with us, try their hops, and feel more hoppy yourself!

Evolution logo

Evolution Healthcare & Fitness

Evolution rocks! We use their gym facilities to get strong on Monday nights under the guidance of Coach Brian Krupke. The healthcare section of their facility offers Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractic care when we need it. We also receive 10% off altitude training (if we want to boost our red blood cells), and a discount on group workout classes throughout the week if we want to get even stronger than we were on Monday. We highly recommend evolving yourself through all of these incredible opportunities!

hot lips logo

Hot Lips Pizza

Hotlips Pizza is awesome! In addition to making the best handcrafted pies loaded with fresh and local ingredients, they also like to preserve culture and celebrate humanity by helping out local non-profits like us! Hotlips donated $100 in pizza for our Season Kick-off Party, and they help us fundraise through their “Pizza for non-profits” project, where we receive 15% of their proceeds for getting as many people as we can into their pizza shop. Thanks to them, we can keep providing affordable training opportunities for all of our athletes!


Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs mission is simple – to develop and sell food and drinks that taste great, that are made from real ingredients and that solve problems for active people. Skratch Labs offers electrolyte replacement drink mixes, energy bars, energy chews, and recovery drink mixes at a 30-40% discounted rate to TRI Team PDX members. They also stock gear, accessories, and cookbooks tailored for endurance athletes and their specific fueling needs. Get your Skratch hydration today!


Output SpeedLab is a Bike Fit & Service Course studio located in NE Portland, just off NE Alberta St. They incorporate cutting edge technology (motion capture, saddle pressure analysis), an extensive test/demo saddle library (22+ saddles and counting), and expertise to optimize comfort, power, and speed on your bike. TRI Team PDX members receive 15% off Fit Services & Service Course work!

Western Bikeworks

Western Bikeworks was founded in 2003 and is dedicated to providing amazing service and products for the avid cyclist, whether they be commuters, triathletes, road cyclists, cyclocross competitors, or mountain bike enthusiasts! TRI Team PDX members get 15% off in-store purchases, which goes a long way towards helping us stay geared-up and tuned-up. Thank you for your support Western Bikeworks!

roka logo

ROKA Performance Apparel

ROKA was formed in a garage in Austin, Texas in 2011 by two former Stanford All-American swimmers on a mission to build the world’s fastest wetsuit and disrupt the endurance sport market. They now craft high performance apparel and eyewear for triathletes, cyclists, and a variety of other sports! TRI Team PDX members receive 30% off orders, which goes a long way towards purchasing new eyewear, skin suits, wetsuits, triathlon tops, and so much more!

huma logo

Huma Chia Energy Gel

Ever tried a Huma Gel? Let us tell you, these all natural real fruit fuel packages pack a punch! And guess what? Tri Team PDX athletes get 25% off online purchases of all the different kinds of flavors that Huma Gel offers! Strawberry is definitely a favorite, but blackberry banana is surprisingly good, too! Don’t let your glucose levels get low when you train and race with Tri Team PDX, and order your Huma Gels today!

why racing logo

Why Racing Events

Why Racing Events is an Event Management company that allows participants to reach for their personal best while benefiting communities in the Pacific Northwest. They host a variety of multisport, cycling, and running races throughout the year. TRI Team PDX athletes receive 10% off any Why Racing events, all year long! They also host the PDX Triathlon at Blue Lake, which our beginner series is using as their key training race for the 2019 season.

best in the west logo

Best In The West Events

Best in the West Events puts on a variety of multisport races all season long. Each race is more than just a race, as Blair, Staci and the Posse work hard to make sure the atmosphere is fun and inviting to all, and that there is always a post race celebration. The Best in the West Posse work hard to promote healthy living and physical activity for all, through fun and memorable events. TRI Team PDX receives 10% off any Best in the West race, and their Best in the West Triathlon Festival in September is one of our team races for the 2019 season.


Zealios Skin Care

Zealios cares about protecting athletes from the sun! Their products are crafted to endure the rigors of intense training and are used by triathletes like Heather Jackson, Jesse Thomas, and Rachel McBride. From protective sunscreen products to shampoos and conditioners that help combat the rigors of chlorine on an athlete's hair, they've got a product for every multisport athlete! TRI Team PDX gets 25% off all online purchases! Thanks for helping keep our skin protected, Zealios!