Shamrock Run

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Please read through below and if we didn't answer a burning question you want answered, simply shoot us an email!

Q: What does it cost?

The annual community membership fee is $80. We usually have an “early bird” discount, and also a late season discount. Coached workouts involve an additional fee and are optional!

Q: What do I get with community membership?

You will join a small, friendly and fun group of athletes who will become your training family. You will get free access to member-led workouts (bike, run, open water swim), occasional seminars/workshops, access to coached workouts at the subsidized member rates, terrific discounts from our sponsors (for many of us, these discounts repay the cost of membership), monthly social events, a weekly emailed newsletter, access to the TTPDX members-only Facebook group, team support at designated team races, and organized (but not subsidized) housing at away races. 

Q: Does TTPDX race as a team? What qualifications do I need to join?

TRI Team PDX is really a club, rather than a team. We train together but race as individuals.  TTPDX is open to athletes of all abilities, from complete novices to elite.  Our motto is “Anyone can tri”, and we mean it!

Q: Why are some workouts free with membership whereas as others cost an additional fee?

Weekend bike, run, and open water swim workouts are led by volunteer team members, and hence incur no additional cost to TTPDX. Wednesday track workouts are also FREE for members. Weeknight strength, swim and spin workouts are led by professional coaches, who we contract to train us, and involve facility fees as well.  The fees we charge usually don’t quite cover costs, so the series are subsidized by membership fees.

Q: Where do the membership fee $$$ go?

The majority of the membership fees are used to subsidize the coached workouts and social events. They pay for our insurance through USAT.  There are small administrative costs for the website, accounting software, etc, and to pay a tax accountant. We own a small amount of equipment (team tents, bike trainers, bike bags for travel, a few wetsuits, etc.), and rent a storage locker.  TTPDX is a non-profit organization and none of the board members or office holders receive remuneration. 

Q: Who are the coaches for coached workouts?

Swim and spin classes are coached by Chris Bagg Coaching group (CBCG) coaches, all of whom are USAT-certified. Our head coach, Molly Balfe, has been involved on a voluntary basis with TTPDX for many years.  She is now a partner with Chris Bagg in CBCG. Our strength classes are held at our partner Evolution Healthcare and Fitness, and are coached by one of their coaches.

Q: What does it mean that some races are designated “team races”?

Each year we choose a few races at which we commit to providing team support. We will have the team tent at which you can leave your stuff, you will have team-mates racing with you, an awesome cheering squad, and party time afterwards.

Q: How do I access the sponsor discounts?

When you sign up, you will receive a letter letting you know the discounts provided by our sponsors. Many of these use a code you will be given to access the discount online.  Some use a list of members names that we provide to receive in-store discounts, and others will give you the discount when you show your team membership card.

Q: Do I have any obligations if I join?

You will be asked to sign a standard waiver form to participate in workouts. On team rides you are required to wear a helmet and obey the rules of the road.  There are no other formal commitments, but we do encourage members to participate by volunteering at local races and at some outreach events.

Q: I’d be interested in getting more involved with the team, maybe leading some workouts….

OMG, do we love you! There are many ways for members to get more involved.  We are always looking for people willing to lead occasional weekend rides, runs, and open water swims.   We have periodic outreach events for which we need people to man tables for a couple of hours.  We also need people to volunteer at races such as Blue Lake, Foot Traffic races and Best in the West, as part of our obligation to the race organizers in return for the discounted entry fees we get.  To find out more, talk to any board member or contact us a info@tripdx.com.  And please watch the weekly emails for volunteer requests, and help out if you can…

Q: Who are the board? How are they elected?  What perks do they get?

Elections are held each September/October to elect the board for the next year. All team members can vote.  Currently, board members have their membership fee waived and receive half-off of coached workout series. 

Q: Can’t we have swim workouts somewhere more central?

Access to pools in Portland is extremely limited. When the PSU pool closed, TTPDX was unable to find a replacement pool and went without regular swim workouts for nearly two years.  Parkrose High School is a beautiful 8 lane pool, and we have access to it Tuesday evenings February through October.  That being said, if any team members can find/organize access to a more central pool, we’d love to hear from you!

Q: I don’t want to do triathlon but I am interested in duathlon (bike/run) or acquabike (swim/bike). Can I still join?

Yes! We welcome all multisport athletes!

Q: When and where do you do open water swims?

We start open water swims on Sundays, as soon as the water becomes warm enough. This is likely mid-April, sometimes May.  We hold weekly OWS at Vancouver Lake & Horseshoe Lake as long as the water there is free of blue-green algae.  Later in the summer, we have periodic swims at Hagg Lake or another alternate venue.

Q: How can I communicate with other members? Sometimes I’d like to try to find someone to train with other than the team workouts.

We encourage members to use the members Facebook page to communicate with each other, even if you are not a regular Facebook user. Many people also follow each other on Strava.

Q: How many members do you have?

As of 2020, we have close to 80 members. We want to keep the group small enough that it’s possible to know most of the other members, which is part of what makes us a fun and friendly club. We also think it is important that members have ready access to the coached workout series. On the other hand, we also need enough members to create a “critical mass” for group workouts.

Q: How often do you run beginners’ series(s)?

We currently hold one Beginners Series a year, in the early season. Check out the Beginner Series page for more info!

Q: How can I get the awesome team kit I see people wearing?

Our kits are made to order and we need a minimum number of items ordered to get a good price. In consequence, there is usually only one opportunity a year to order the team kit; this year, that was done in February/March.  If there is enough interest, we may open the store again later in the year, so if you are interested in buying kit please let the board know by emailing us at info@tripdx.com.

Q: Do you hold social events? How do I find out about them?

Social events are usually posted on the Facebook page as “events”, and are also announced in the weekly emails.

Q: Why are all your weekday workouts in the evenings? Can’t you have early morning workouts?

In the past we have found that evening workouts were more popular with the majority of members. That being said, if there is a strong push for morning workouts we would consider that.  Please let the board know, or start a Facebook conversation, if you’d like to argue for changes to the schedule.