Hello TRI Team!

It’s the time of year to elect the TTPDX Board for 2022! We are soliciting board nominations for the 2022 season.

Please Consider Nominating Yourself, or Other People for Our Board!

Please indicate the position that you are nominating the person for (President or general board member). Please also feel free to nominate someone for both President and general board member. If you would like any more information about the board and its functioning, please reach out at info@triteampdx.com or fill out the form below.

Being On The Board

What’s My Commitment As Board Member?
During 2021, the board met once a month for 2 hours, and it is likely that that would be the frequency of meetings for 2022.

What Do I Get As A Board Member?
Board members receive FREE 2022 membership and 50% off any coached or paid sessions throughout the year.

Do I Have To Be A Long-Time Member To Be On The Board?
No you do not! In fact, we encourage new members and triathletes along with veteran members to be on the board to represent all perspectives on the team.

Skill-Sets We Are Looking For:
We are asking for nominations for 6 member-at-large positions (general board members). Basically, anyone with an opinion on how to continue improving TRI Team PDX and the motivation to put ideas into action!


Background info:
A board term is for a minimum of one year with the opportunity to serve a second year without running for re-election. We have Jillian returning as president for the 2022 season, and returning members Jamie and Karen who will be continuing on with year 2 of their board terms. We have 6 open general board member positions available for 2022.

  1. Any member can nominate themselves or another member for the President or Member at large positions.
  2. We have the following 6 open positions:
    • Member at large 1
    • Member at large 2
    • Open board member #1
    • Open board member #2
    • Open board member #3
    • Open board member #4
  3. You can nominate the same person for both President and members at large. Nominations can be entered on the form below.
    The nomination period will run now through 10/30/21
  4. We will contact the nominated individuals to determine whether they accept the nomination and want to stand for votes. So feel free to nominate members you think would be great for the board even if they haven’t expressed interest - we will double check with them first before including them in the final elections!
  5. We will send out another email with the link to the voting site.
    We will vote the week of November 9

Please consider nominating people for the board. If you would like any more information about the board and its functioning, please contact any current board members. Again, nominations can be submitted below.

Thanks again and looking forward to an amazing 2022 season with TTPDX!

Submit Nominee

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