Below, you will find a list with links to some of the organizations and businesses Max mentioned last night.



Tri Masters (Chicago) –

Tri-Masters is a not-for-profit organization that empowers at-risk children via triathlon in order to teach life lessons. As youth athletes learn to swim, bike and run, they gain skills in goal-setting, conflict resolution, respect, responsibility, self-discipline and perseverance.


Black Triathletes Organization (BTA) -

The Black Triathletes Association (BTA) is a club that promotes fitness and health through the sport of triathlon to the black community. This group offers a place for black triathletes to support, offer advice and mostly encourage one another in multisport activities.


DC Triathlon Club -

*Max mentioned this club has been doing great work fostering inclusion in multisport

The DC Triathlon Club is a 900+ member social group of multisport enthusiasts in the Washington, DC area.

Max’s Business: Fenn Coffee



Fenn Coffee sought to deliver on a need affecting many triathletes needs. high-quality coffee with low acidity to minimize effects.

Supporting Max:

Instagram: @maxfennell


Max mentioned some of the best ways you can support him are following him on all the social media channels, so go give him an add!

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