Gear Up Podcast: High-Tech Goggles

This week on Gear Up

This week the Gear Up podcast crew at Triathlete magazine talks to Peter Monahan, the founder and CEO of OnCourse goggles, about how his clever invention can help you swim straighter and faster through the use of some pretty high-tech concepts.

Peter shares with us a harrowing tale about how he first got involved in watersports and water safety tech to help create a device that was intended to save children from drowning, based on his own son’s near-fatal accident.

Also get an inside look into some very unconventional uses of the technology he originally developed to help you swim in a straight line—how the same tech could help triathletes with a common swim technique issue. And we get a sneak peak into how he might use his unique technology in the future to make you fast outside of the water as well.